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Become the author of your holiday story

Message shared at Jasmine Pallative and Hospice Care remembrance event Light Up A Life 2023

This occasion holds a special place in my heart, an annual gathering my family and I look forward to. It's a meaningful tribute to my father's legacy, a beautiful chapter in our holiday narrative. We cherish weaving his presence into our traditions, particularly his passion for gifting the elderly in our community. While we feel the ache of his absence, we wrap it tenderly with love, memories, and gratitude for all he was.

As a grief coach, I often have to put into practice that which I share with my clients. I have shared a little about how my family honours my father during the holidays. And so this evening, I would like to invite you to join me and consider how you might etch your loved one into your holiday tale. We hold the pen to our stories, empowered to choose what fills those pages. What cherished memories or customs of your dear one, could add a special hue to your story? Perhaps, even now, you're envisioning the perfect addition. Take the reins, become the author of your story this season, and let your loved one shine in a unique and heartfelt way. And when the pangs of grief are felt, remind yourself of the love and how your loved one isn’t written out of your story.

As we adorn these Christmas trees with our memorial stars, we honour the brilliant lives and everlasting memories of those we hold close in our hearts. May these stars symbolize the enduring imprint they’ve left upon our lives. 

There's a quote I wholeheartedly resonate with: "When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure." How will you embrace your treasures this season?

I wish you a holiday season filled with love, comfort and peace. 

Written by: Rhonda Cornwall, Certified Grief Coach

Hope's Dwelling

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