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Resources and tips to help you in your grief and life challenges


There is so much power in education. By learning about grief you enable yourself to gain valuable insight into what is happening to you and what you might expect in this grief journey. 
One of the books I recommend that brings clarity is "Grieving with Hope" by Grief Share. This book is "practical and straightforward, yet warm and compassionate, Grieving with Hope clarifies the popular misconception that people move through stages of grief."


One of the greatest tips I share with my clients is to journal. When you take the time to record what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing you open up a new world of self understanding. There are also great health benefits to this exercise as well. Reduce stress. Improve your immune functioning. Improve your memory. Boost your mood.

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It's been good 18 years I lost my mom to blood cancer, but I can't believe the incidents around it had impacted me so much, that I was making unhealthy , non conducive choices subconsciously even now. When circumstances lead to my realising them, it was time to address it.

I highly recommend this to those who have lost their loved ones to reach out for any support in this regard to Jasmine, for Grief support, especially Rhonda Cornwall. She is just so genuinely concerned, supportive and steered me in right observations/revelations/realisations in a non judgemental space, which I have never considered!!

Jasmine offers 4free sessions on Grief Support.

She was such a blessing.

Losing loved ones is hard.. it's never too late to address the buried issues and feel lighter and freeier!! — feeling hopeful with Rhonda R Cornwall.

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“I recommend Rhonda for working on your grief. She is amazing!”


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